Pentan Partnership delivers a caring, professional service  across a range of small, medium and large residential, community and supported housing projects, ranging from:

Various hospital closure programmes in the community, for people with learning difficulties and mental health problems;

Several large-scale programmes to replace out-dated care homes for the elderly with new residential/nursing homes, extra-care housing and elderly persons resource centres; 

Designs for people with complex needs, from single supported housing provision to communal projects with self-contained accommodation;

Working in conjunction with several woman's aid groups, to provide sensitive, secure accommodation;

Development of projects for the deaf and hard-of-hearing;

The remodelling and inprovement of existing housing stock, from single family housing to elderly pesons projects; and

Community education/resource centres.

This section provides a brief description of some of our completed and soon-to-be-built projects. That said, it only provides a snap-shot of our work; and, in order to describe our projects in more detail, we regularly take existing clients and prospective clients on ‘tours’ of the buildings described and illustrated below.

Our philosophy is one of “seeing is believing” and this, in conjunction with talking to the people who inhabit and use our buildings, paints a much more expansive picture of what we do and how we do it.

So, if you would like to experience any of the projects illustrated and described on this web-site, please contact Pentan Partnership at the following e-mail address: