The cave and the cabin

Private Dwelling House

Cardiff, South Wales

This family house on a steeply sloping, south-facing site in one of northern Cardiff’s Conservation Areas, takes as its parti the ‘cave’ and the ‘cabin’.  Bedrooms and ancillary rooms are housed in the three-storeys masonry ‘cave’, whilst family spaces are located in the attached two-storeys ‘cabin’. The latter opens up to the sun, as would a flower. Its double-height, glazed south ‘wall’ floods the family spaces with daylight, with summer shading provided by a large roof overhang and by the mature trees to the south. A roof terrace sits atop the cabin and provides views over the nearby church, all the way down the valley, to the south.

Our clients asked for a permanent home that felt like a holiday home - a home that could be both summer ‘cabin’ and winter ‘cave’. We have tried, in our design, to give them a home for all seasons.