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“We are involved in people’s hopes & dreams; and with this involvement comes a responsibility to do our very best to make architecture that responds sensitively to our clients’ needs.”


All of our staff share this commitment to meet, and exceed, our client’s aspirations. We enjoy what we do and we believe that it shows in our architecture. We have grown steadily since 1995, from our original ten staff, to over twenty today, largely on the basis of repeat commissions and recommendations. Many of our clients have said that we should broadcast our services and our abilities more widely; and this web-site is, we believe, one way of doing this. It aims to tell existing clients something about the other projects that we are working on, alongside their own; and it also aims to inform potential clients and other interested parties about what we do and what we have done. This is as much about dissemination of information as it is about marketing, because we believe, passionately, that knowledge and experiences should be shared - for the benefit of all. This is why a part of our web-site is devoted to “Research”. In the “Research” section we set out, for example, our current work with Cardiff University on “the natural ventilation of deep-plan buildings”; and our current learning from Stirling University on “designing for dementia”.  We welcome your experiences in these and other areas. Please e-mail us at

In all that we do, we share the values of our founding ‘fathers’ in the Housing Association movement, that a decent, affordable home should be available to everyone, be it a family house; an extra-care flat; a bed-sit in a hostel; or a bedroom in a care home - and by “decent”, we mean thoughtfully-designed, well-crafted places that lift the spirits; and which constitute an architecture of many possibilities for their inhabitants and users.