SML Home
Responding to the uncertainly of modern living.

The SML Home is a house of the future, Constructed to the highest environmental standards. This family home can be built in one month for under £100,000 It costs nothing to run – in fact it will generate a surplus of energy. But most importantly, it will respond to the changing needs of its residents. It can easily be made larger or smaller, or even moved from one location to the other.
The SML Home is assembled in prefabricated units that are robust, hardwearing and affordable. Residents select the space they want to add on to their home from a catalogue. Materials and finishes are chosen to the owners taste and are all fully recyclable. Once the units are delivered they can be weatherproofed and occupied in under a month.
The SML home minimises energy consumption by maximising efficiency. The remotely controllable interface means that the house can be controlled from work, on the bus or even on holiday. It includes a consumption indicator to encourage reduction of waste. It also has electric car or scooter charging points. In addition the charging from the photovoltaic panels, the car acts as a battery storing energy that become available as off-grid energy during peak times.

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